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Cosy Eleven Massage

Julia Beroleit

Julia Beroleit

Jeden Donnerstag:
10 / 11 / 12 und 13 Uhr

Klassische Massage, Fußreflexzonenmassage, Schwangerschaftsmassage



Michel Paetsch
B.Sc. Osteopathie

Osteopathie auch für Babys, Kinder und Schwangere




Maria Hoos
M.Sc. Osteopathy

Osteopathie für Säuglinge, Kinder und Erwachsene



Ella Schneider
0176 82047055
Ganzheitliche Massagen & Reiki

Holistic Full Body Oil Massage

Chi Nei Tsang - Abdominal Massage


Anna Fiaschè


0157 / 33903306

Lomi Lomi, Lomi Hapai, Lomi Pohaku, Fußreflexzonen, Deep Tissue, Thai Yoga


Deep Tissue -release pain in the physical body-
Breath deeply in the pain sounds strange but it really has some therapeutic effect, like letting go of stagnant emotions and bring the body in harmony.

Lomi Hapai -deep relaxation for mother and child-
to accompany and support the significant changes in the body during gestation and the subsequent recovery phase.

Thai Yoga bodywork -opening the wind gate-
they are our source of energy, working on this lymph points it helps the body to clear toxins and bring new fresh blood rich in nutrient.


Tamara Kessler

Massage-Therapeutin, Yogalehrerin & Entspannungscoach

Intuitive Massage +4917671239208

Marianne Schmidt

Massage: Relax. Realign. Heal. Therapy.

Mary Beth Volker

Therapeutic Thai Massage

Thai massage consists of passive stretching positions and dynamic movements, joint mobilization and pressure point massage taken from yoga. Simply put, Thai massage is a combination of (passive) yoga and acupressure. I also incorporate elements of Swedish massage: kneading the muscles of the neck and shoulders with essential oils, and cranio-sacral release. Thai massage is received lying or sitting on floor mats, wearing loose clothing.


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Soraya Daoudi

Heilpraktikerin, Akupunkturtherapeutin

Je nach Bedarf kombiniere ich die Akupunktur mit den anderen hier aufgelisteten Verfahren:

·       klassische Akupunktur
·       Ohrakupunktur
·       Schröpfmassage
·       stationäres Schröpfen
·       Moxa-Therapie (Wärmebehandlung mit Beifußkraut)
·       Gua Sha (volksheilkundliche Reibetechnick der Haut)
·       Ernährungsberatung

+49 30 610 988 43,,, 0176 39142612 

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